Lucas Tsolakian

Musician and programmer
based in Athens.
Custom made music
and creative coding.

Selection of works 2020 - 2023

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Lausanne for RapidWeaver

Theme Design

18 Ways To Be Together

Music Score
National Opera
Dance School
Listen to the score at Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.


Music Score
National Opera
Dance School
Listen to the score at Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Infinite Slider

Bric Design


Bell Tree

Bell Tree is a faithful reproduction of a real acoustic instrument, known in Pakistan as Tree Bells and in China as Bell Tree. The instrument was found at a flea market in Athens, Greece. It was unbranded and had no fabrication details so it’s not possible to determine where or when it was made, but according to the seller it was brought to Greece from India.

Original sounds were recorded at Esoteron Music Studio in Athens, with George Dovolos as recording engineer.

We can record / playback our sequences and add effects. Effects include various reverb simulations, delay and 3 band equaliser.

Designed and developed by me and my dear friend Jason Michailidis.
Bell Tree
Bell Tree

As Mulheres
Bell Tree

As Mulheres

iOS / Android application I made for my dear friend and fine gynaecologist Nicolas Comninos, based in São Paulo. The application includes TODO lists, a menstrual calendar and integration with Wordpress blog.

This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.



Series of sound sculptures made of metal rods and washers, with metal or wood platforms. Sound is natural acoustic or amplified.

Presented at:
  • Athens video Art Festival, Athens Greece
  • Pixeldance Festival, Thessaloniki Greece
  • FILE Festival, São Paulo Brazil
  • Syntagma Metro Station, Athens Greece
  • Rootlessroot Company, various locations


Sound sculptures made of rubber bands and washers, hanged by the ceiling to the ground with a concrete platform. Sound is natural acoustic or amplified.

Lastixa was conceived for Lumi Dance Company's Feral performance .


Hello, my name is Lucas
& I live and work in Athens, Greece


Lucas Tsolakian is a composer, musician, visual artist, web designer and computer programmer. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil and studied music at the Conservatório Dramatic e Musical de São Paulo (Bachelor of Arts Degree), computer programming at the KEPA Institute in Athens as well as at Greenwich College in London (Diploma in Computer Programming).


He has been awarded First Prize in the Graduate Competition of the Conservatório Dramatic e Musical de São Paulo (1984), Gold Medal in the Heitor Villa-Lobos Piano Competition (1985), Medal of Honor from the Austrian Embassy in São Paulo (1994) and First Prize Sound Installations from the Omiros Educational Group (2007).


He worked as a musician at Balé da Cidade de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil 1984), where he took part in the performance "Mikrokosmos" choreographed by Sérgio Funari and Wilson Aguiar. In 1986 he settled in Athens and started working as a musician at the State School of Dance (where he collaborated for over 25 years), the Ralou Manou School of Dance and many other higher professional dance schools. In 1988 we collaborated with Kostas Stratoudakis and KSIME (Center for Contemporary Electronic Music Research), representing Greece at the Bologna Biennale.

In 1993 he became a member of Apurimac, the pioneering Latin music group in Greece, with whom he released the album "Mother Earth" in 1998 in collaboration with Haris Katsimihas, Pantelis Thalassinos and Dafni Panourgia. The album remained at number one in Greece for 10 days. In 2002 he founded the band Tierra Brava, together with Alejandro Diaz and other musicians of the Athens jazz scene.

His sound sculptures and installations have been presented at the Electronic Language International Festival (Sao Paulo - Brazil 2006), Pixeldance (Thessaloniki - 2006), Athens Video Art Festival (Athens 2005 - 2007) as well as in collaborations with dance theater groups such as Rootlessroot and Proxima Dance Company. In 2008 he founded the dance theater group Lumi Dance Company, presenting the work "Feral" at the 8th Dance Festival of the Greek Choreographers Association in collaboration with Myrto Grapsa, Katerina Liondou, Maria Fountouli, Ioanna Apostolou and Tadeu Liesenfeld.

In 2012 he founded the web design company Archetypon in São Paulo, Brazil, creating applications for RapidWeaver (Realmac Software), Stacks (Yourhead Software) and Blocs (Cazoobi Limited). His mobile apps are available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Since 2021, he has been working at the Higher School of Dance of the National Opera as an accompanist for technical courses and a composer in the school's choreographies.

In 2023 he began teaching music technology and digital composing at the National Conservatory, Vrilissia department.

His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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This website is designed and built by me using RapidWeaver and Stacks plugin. I'm using my Dromeas theme and many components of UIkit for RapidWeaver framework. The typeface I use is Jost, by Owen Earl.

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I rent a small studio in central Athens, 7 minutes walk from metro stations and near the Athens Music Megaron. The place is perfect for lonely travellers and couples: has a charming canopy bed, fully equipped kitchen and high-speed internet connection.