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Music for the Greek National Opera Dance School
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Modern touch slider for Blocs

Published music

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Music / Dance


Music for the Greek National Opera Dance School
Choreography: Christos Xyrafakis
Performed at Stavros Niarchos Hall, July 2021

Watch the full presentation at GNO TV:


This was the single-project released by my Lumi Dance Company. I came up with the concept, installation and music. Myrto Grapsa made an amazing choreography and performed along with Ioanna Apostolou, Maria Fountouli, Tadeu Liesenfeldand Katerina Liontou. Lighting Design by Thomas Economacos and costumes by Maria Nikolopoulou-Apostolou.


I played with Apurimac from 1993 to around 2000. It was a wonderful experience. At that time Apurimac was the leading latin band in Greece. In 1997 we released the Mother Earth album under the Lyra label, which reached the number one on the Greek music charts.


Rorani is the piece I wrote for the Mother Earth album, with lyrics by Despina Fortzera based on a poem by the Indian tribe Paiutes, translated to Greek by Socrates Scartsis.

Singer: Dafni Panourgia
Piano: Lucas Tsolakian
Daniel Armando: zampoña
Alejandro Diaz: zampoña
Nicos Psarianos: percussion
Theodoris Pitsiolis: violoncello

Web Design

I design themes for RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin. RapidWeaver is a web-design application for the Apple Macintosh computer. With RapidWeaver you can build anything from a personal web page to a small business website, without knowledge of coding. Stacks is the most powerful plugin for RapidWeaver: it allows for building pages in a drag & drop fashion. I also make addons for Blocs, another great application for create websites without writing code.

All my web design work is distributed by Archetypon, my boutique web-design agency founded in 2012 in São Paulo Brazil. Since 2012 Archetypon has served over 40.000 clients worldwide.


Ventura is a premium RapidWeaver theme made for bloggers and writers.

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Origin is for artists who want a content-first theme to demonstrate their work. Built into a classic two or three columns design and a customisable slider and lightbox for previewing images.

The package also comes with the Photo Album stack, the addon for Stacks plugin that allows for making portfolios.

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This is another example of pure minimal design, made for artists that want a minimalistic theme to display their work.

Clementi also comes with Photo Album stack, the Stacks addon for making portfolios with ease.

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This is one of my favourite themes I ever designed, packed with features and a built-in parallax effect fully customisable.

Parallaxis comes with many Stacks addons (Stacks plugin needed but not included) and ready-to-use projects.

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Bell Tree

Bell Tree is a faithful reproduction of a real acoustic instrument, known in Pakistan as Tree Bells and in China as Bell Tree. The instrument was found at a flea market in Athens, Greece. It was unbranded and had no fabrication details so it’s not possible to determine where or when it was made, but according to the seller it was brought to Greece from India.

Original sounds were recorded at Esoteron Music Studio in Athens, with George Dovolos as recording engineer.

We can record / playback our sequences and add effects. Effects include various reverb simulations, delay and 3 band equaliser.

Designed and developed by me and my dear friend Jason Michailidis.
Bell Tree
Bell Tree

As Mulheres
Bell Tree

As Mulheres

iOS / Android application I made for my dear friend and fine gynaecologist Nicolas Comninos, based in São Paulo. The application includes TODO lists, a menstrual calendar and integration with Wordpress blog.

This application is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.



Series of sound sculptures made of metal rods and washers, with metal or wood platforms. Sound is natural acoustic or amplified.

Presented at:
  • Athens video Art Festival, Athens Greece
  • Pixeldance Festival, Thessaloniki Greece
  • FILE Festival, São Paulo Brazil
  • Syntagma Metro Station, Athens Greece
  • Rootlessroot Company, various locations


Sound sculptures made of rubber bands and washers, hanged by the ceiling to the ground with a concrete platform. Sound is natural acoustic or amplified.

Lastixa was conceived for Lumi Dance Company's Feral performance .


Hello, my name is Lucas & I live and work in Athens, Greece

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my work generally entails doing what I love. I'm a musician / visual artist / web designer / computer programmer.
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Greece in 1986. Since then I'm working at the State School of Dance, the Greek National Opera and many professional dance studios in Athens. My work with dance began very early as I've worked at Bale da Cidade de São Paulo in Brazil, before moving to Greece.

In 1993 while in Athens I joined Apurimac, the most relevant latin band in Greece. Together we released the Mother Earth album and topped the Greek charts back in 1999.

I have my own web design agency Archetypon based in São Paulo, where I travel constantly. I make themes for the most popular web design applications for the Apple Macintosh: RapidWeaver and Blocs. I also make addons for Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver. Since 2012 Archetypon have served over 40.000 clients worldwide.

I've also made some mobile applications for iOS and Android,: Bell Tree and As Mulheres. Both are available at the Apple iOS store, As Mulheres is also available at Google Play.

My installation work has been presented in some rare occasions in Brazil and Greece. The Rodelophones installation travelled many countries with the Rootlessroot company, as part of their premier performance.

I have a bachelor degree in Arts and Music from the Music and Drama Conservatory in São Paulo, a programmer certificate from the KEPA Institute in Athens and a computer programmer diploma from the Greenwich College in London, UK.

My downtime revolves around family, with a healthy dose of culinary creativity.

About this website

This website is designed and built by me using RapidWeaver and Stacks plugin. I'm using version the Dromeas theme and many components of UIkit for RapidWeaver framework. The type I use is Libre Baskerville for the headings and Open Sans for the paragraphs and overall text.

Say hello

If you’d like me to advise on your project or just say hello, please feel free to get in touch via email or reach out via social media:

In case you are looking for support regarding my RapidWeaver or Blocs products please use the Help Center instead. You can also send me pre-sales questions and support requests at Archetypon contact page.


I rent a small studio in central Athens, 7 minutes walk from metro stations and near the Athens Music Megaron. The place is perfect for lonely travellers and couples: has a charming canopy bed, fully equipped kitchen and 100Mbps internet connection.



Lucas Tsolakian