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Loading Feral...
Lumi Dance Company / Feral

I once had the pleasure to have my own dance / theatre company and work with Myrto Grapsa on Feral.

I came up with the concept, installation and music. Myrto made an explendid choreography and performed along with:

Ioanna Apostolou
Maria Fountouli
Tadeu Liesenfeld
Katerina Liontou

Lighting Design
Thomas Economacos

Maria Nikolopoulou Apostolou

Loading Photographos...
Photography Themes

I use to make a lot of themes for photography, image related subjects. Actually my very first theme for RapidWeaver back in 2009, Supersized, was an image related theme.

Hope you like my sexy voice :-)

See all my themes at Archetypon.

Loading Graham Demo...
Open Studio #9
Demo Graham Technique

Performed at National School of Dance in Athens, Greece on 10 to 17 of June, 2013.

Choreography: Olia Tornaritou
Music: Lucas Tsolakian
Video: Socrates Spanos

Loading Rodelophones Installation...
Video from Athens Video Art Festival

Presented at FILE São Paulo and Pixeldance Expo Salonika.

As sound sculptures for Rootlessroot Dance Company as part of the Sudden Shadows of Silence performance.

Loading Parallax Scene...
Parallax Scene
With Parallax Scene we can create amazing animated scenes, header & hero images, subtle animated effects and many other compositions.

Parallax Scene is powered by a parallax engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.

We can control the amount of motion for each layer, position each layer on the xy axis, set each layer's dimension, add animation and even use custom classes of our own. The interface is simply gorgeous, allowing us to work on our scenes in grid or stack modes.

Visit a Parallax Scene example
Loading Rutas...
Rutas / Christos Xyrafakis
This choreography piece consists of a mosaic of paths in space with intention of delivering a present state of things which, though it seems to change, in its’ core it remains the same. This exhaustive corporeality which evolves in space witnesses a pulsating inert scheme with a punchline... of a need to go.

Concept / Choreography: Christos Xyrafakis
Created and Performed by Agelina Gouvi, Marilena Dara, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Christina Reinhardt
Music: Lucas Tsolakian
Costumes: Dimitra Liakoura
Loading Parallaxis...
Parallaxis is the first RapidWeaver theme with a built-in parallax effect. I made it in 2013 and it soon became one of my most popular products.

In this video I got a help from my friend Jason, who took the time and patience to present Parallaxis in a great and quick video.

Visit Parallaxis at Archetypon.net
Loading Dromeas...
Took me a while but I finally re-made my website. this is the by no means final result.

in this version I'm using my Dromeas theme and Stacks plugin, all made with the a-ma-zing RapidWeaver.

If you're interested in Dromeas and my other stuff for RapidWeaver there're all available at the Archetypon store: http://archetypon.net/
Loading UIkit...
UIkit for RapidWeaver
I've brought UIkit framework to RapidWeaver and Stacks plugin. It was a huge amount of work comprising a total of 50 stacks covering most of UIkit's components and available in 3 sets of bundles.

Part from the stacks there's also the UIkit theme, which is given fro free, and many ready-to use projects.

The UIkit theme is focused in performance for both mobile devices and desktop devices, reaching the highest levels in Google's Page Speed Insights and User Experience tests.

With the mobile-first approach UIkit for RapidWeaver provides a consistent experience from phones and tablets to desktops. UIkit is even lighter and faster compared to Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks.

Visit UIkit for RapidWeaver: http://archetypon.net/uikit/

Loading Estiasis...
Estiasis is the first RapidWeaver theme that contains an automatic grid photo album.

The grid option can also be used in the blog, producing an unusual layout for the standard RapidWeaver Blog plugin, another first for a RapidWeaver theme.

Music is me playing Korg's Wavedrum, lot's of fun with it :-)

Learn more about Estiasis.

Loading Medusa's Symplegma...
Medusa's Symplegma
The Wordless.
Who did not made.
The Croton.
Τo the size of.
The damage.
They will grind.
In the underground of the earth.

Dancer: Lamprini Gkolia
Music: Lucas Tsolakian


My name is Lucas Tsolakian, I'm a musician and computer programmer born in São Paulo, Brazil. I play the piano since seven years old, program computers since sixteen and I've been into web design for over a decade.

I own Archetypon, a boutique web-design agency that distributes all my products under the Weavers Kingdom brand. Since 2009 Archetypon served over 20.000 clients worldwide.

You may also find me playing piano and percussion for Martha Graham's technique classes and Open Studio events at State School of Dance in Athens, Greece.

I'm constantly into projects involving sound sculptures and installations, making music for dance-theatre and mixed performances here and there.

I'm omnivore - no you cannot be vegan. I also enjoy Airbnb hosting, photography, reading, design and minimalism.

Contact Lucas

You can email me at ObscureMyEmail. For support on Weavers Kingdom products please visit www.support.weaverskingdom.com


  • Music Diploma, Bachelor Degree / Music and Drama Academy of São Paulo Brazil
  • Computer Diploma / KEPA Athens Greece
  • Computer Diploma / Greenwich College, London England


  • Gold Medal Academy Award / Music and Drama Academy of São Paulo Brazil
  • Gold Medal Award / Heitor Villa-Lobos Competition / Heitor Villa-Lobos Academy São Paulo Brazil
  • Best Installation Award for Rodelophones Installation / Omiros Group Athens Greece
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